About the Becoming SuperWoman Club

Your resource and community for building strength in Womanhood & Motherhood

...and you.

The truth is, ladies & mothers, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for the times when we feel like we are. 

What we need most is support.
It’s community.

  • It’s positive mental and emotional development so you can begin to thrive as a powerful woman and powerful mother, not barely survive.

  • It’s remembering that our dreams matter too.

  • And it’s ways to feel like we are growing as women, even if our days are spent chasing around our co-workers or kids. 

There is a better way to outfit ourselves for the bumpy transitions in womanhood and motherhood and learn to find time for our needs and desires.


It starts with understanding that the power we need is already inside of each one of us.

Your SuperWoman is showing, Sister. Are we ready to let our capes fly high?

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If you would like to be a part of an organisation making a real impact, join us.
Because we don't just propel our lives - we propel those of our sisters in need, too.

Your online resource and community so you never doubt that you are valuable and powerful.

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One single place to access and accelerate your personal growth while sharing successful strategies for female empowerment and self-development. 

The Becoming Superwoman Club delivers all the tools women need to optimize their lives and leverage a worldwide community of successful women.