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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.
Mother and Daughters
Hali Fiano, Mom & Personal Trainer
United States

I recently completed the Becoming Superwoman Leadership Bookclub. It was much more than just a book club. I loved having a leader. Izzy was warm and welcoming. She connected the group beautifully. I enjoyed getting to know the other women, the two hours flew by quickly. Each week was something new and creative, the exercises were challenging and fun. I know this work is important and loved being able to explore these topics in a safe environment. Izzy is a natural leader. She stayed on task, was tidy with our time, she listened to each of us, and allowed us the space to be vulnerable while remaining present and authentic. I would highly recommend working with Izzy and taking part in a book club.


I recently took the Becoming Superwoman leadership course and I really enjoyed it. What I liked the most was the variety of exercises, and the kindness that prevailed throughout all of the discussions, whether in small or large groups.
Now that I have completed this course I can say that I am in a place where I feel I have to make important choices, let go of things I have deemed priorities in the past, and learn to not be afraid of consequences.
The constant encouragement, positivity and love Izzy had for every single one of us, the way she remained attentive to every single one of us, regardless of how much we took the floor or not, and the way she ran the visualization and meditation exercises made this course so worth it. I recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Shikha Sheoran, Mom & Empowerment Coach

I have worked with the Superwomen Coaches for the past 3 years, and I cannot recommend them enough. Through their fun, dedication, determination, and energy, they have helped be to further my own coaching career and become an empowerment trainer for a local NGO in my area. I have seen not only my own growth, but also my ability to affect my community by empowering mothers in need around me. This has been such an incredible experience - I recommend to everyone I know to join the Superwoman Club and see their own growth skyrocket.

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