What We Do


The Becoming Superwoman Club is an economic, personal, and leadership empowerment program designed to give women and mothers the skills, drive, and support they need to become leading voices in their sustainable communities.

Designed to support both women in need and women of means, the BSC program breaks barriers, builds bridges between different cultures and socioeconomic groups, and grows pillars of support around the world. With programs already in Africa, India, Europe, and North America, the BSC has already created a groundswell of women empowerment and global connection

What do we do?

  • Courses: In-person and online courses developed by some of the top female leadership trainers around the world

  • Community: Monthly events uniting women and changemakers worldwide

  • Coaching: Mentorship from women is desperately needed right now. Our coaches are curated from top female leaders around the globe.

Not only that...but we give, one for one, the same number of hours of support to our sisters in need.

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Designed to meet the UNSDGs, our programs are created to build self-sustaining communities that are also connected globally. The BSC has been designed in conjunction with coactive-trained coaches and leadership developers from the Aina Giving family, and are specifically designed to bring top-level leadership skills and empowerment to address the issues of no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, peace, justice, and strong institutions, and partnership for the goals

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Not only do we give our participants the training - we support them in kicking off their economic independence. Adopting the merry-go-round concept from our African sisters, each woman works towards a specific project throughout the program - and presents the project to the group at the penultimate workshop. The group then votes on the program to be funded first, and our team of developers and coaches come together to set up their Kickstarter campaign and find the individual donors to help it grow. Once the first woman has successfully set up her enterprise and paid back the Kickstarter funds to the group - it's time for the next woman to take flight. From community gardens in ecologically dead suburbs to chicken projects in Kenya, our merry-go-rounds unite mother leaders in addressing the needs that they so clearly see within their communities - all with just one campaign to start each group.

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In partnership with highly trained coaches worldwide, we also support each woman with her own empowerment coach, pushing her to achieve beyond what she believed was possible. The poverty mindset is real - and our coaches help to blow it out of the water. Not only do we support each other with coaching - but we also break down assumptions, find common humanity, and grow our impact through the close relationship that coaching provides. As one of our coaches told us, "this has been one of the most gratitude-filling, meaningful things I have ever done. My client is amazing, and I am so immensely grateful for this opportunity to be by her side as she realizes her dreams."

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